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Medical Intuitive Evaluation + Healing (60 minutes) - $147.00

Healing Sessions - 4 Sessions
(60 minutes each) - $507


Medical Intuitive Evaluation (30 minutes) - $97.00

Learn about conditions affecting your health.

Study Course - 6 sessions
(90 minutes each) - $1,500.00


Betty/ New York
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Jessica/ Los Angeles
Multiple Sclerosis
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Ovarian Cyst
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Hope, Healing, and Triumph

Antonio heals all emotional and physical illness for all ages. Testimonial evidence of Antonio’s healing power and his client’s triumph over illness and adversity can be viewed below.


Betty/ New York

I now have much more control over my body and note that I have longer periods of mobility… Read more..


Jessica/ Los Angeles
Multiple Sclerosis

I can move and walk with greater mobility and coordination and don’t get tired as easily as I did before. Read more..


Ovarian Cyst

As I admitted to you that very day, the pain in my neck and shoulder area was gone after you were done. But more amazing to me is that I found out today that my ovarian cyst is gone entirely! Read more..


Uterine Cancer

I would recommend him to anyone with any kind of health issue. After several treatments I went back to the doctors for more tests and just as Antonio had said I was cancer free. Read more..


Lyme Disease

The chronic pain in my joints and my mobility is improved a great deal. Read more..


Kenneth R./Investment Banker/North Carolina
Lyme Disease

I no longer have the pain, limited mobility,and fatigue that has been with me for the past 2 years. Read more..


Carolyn / Lawyer/ Boulder Colorado

In 1 hour you somehow, someway made my 5 year insomnia erase itself from my inner being. Read more..


Thomas/ Bank Vice President/ Boston MA

You did as indicated take me through a process of healing that within 4 sessions. I both sleep and enjoy my full strength again. Read more..


Jessica/ Miami

My total health has changed since our last 6 sessions and now I have been out of bed and on my own. More important there hasn’t been any confirmation of being ACTIVE. Read more..


Ryan/ Chicago

I did get my updated blood counts and they are much improved along with my stamina and capacity to have full clear eyesight. Read more..


R.M./Professional Baseball
Arm pain

You totally healed my arm and for me that is worth millions since I am young and yes am paid millions of dollars to do what I do. Read more..


A.W./Professional Basketball
I am happy to tell you I no longer have any problems with my leg. I no longer need any therapy and the pain hasn’t at all come back. Read more..


D.S./Professional Basketball

My back is totally new since you worked on me. Read more..


B.L./ Nairobi Kenya
Osteo Arthritis

I am happy to let you know that after just two telephone sessions she can now perform simple light tasks with her hand. Read more..


Marueen L./Ireland
Healing Children

My son is like a new person. He interacts with children, sits and reads with me and no longer has outbursts as was the case before. Read more..


Kenneth D./Boston, MA
Hearing and Tinnitus

I no longer have the ringing in my ears and the pressure is totally gone. Read more..


Deborah G., R.N./Baltimore, MD

A cat scan and follow-up series of tests shows no Cancer or mass present and it is for that I am eternally grateful. Read more..


Johnny/Hollywood, CA

I no longer have chronic pain in my legs and especially my right hip. After 6 years on pain meds and walking slow with a cane I now can both work pain free and no longer have to take any medication for pain. Read more..


Michael /Hollywood, CA
Pain and Back Problems

All I can say is there is a total healing with total limberness in my back and no pain at all. Unknown to you was my problem with sleep which now is also cleared up. You are a miracle man and someday maybe I will be able to play the role of your life my dear friend. Read more..


H.J./Hollywood, CA
Emotional / Psychological

As you know I was both nervous and had great anxiety when a fellow actress in the movie industry quietly told me about you. People on the set asked me what I was doing since they noted a difference in my face and light in my eyes not previously noted. Read more..


Anne and Hugh
Liver Disease

Already my brother’s coloring looks better, his demeanor has changed. He looks different to me, much happier and healthier. There has been a CHANGE in him. I can’t even put into words what I am seeing. I was thankful to witness this complete turnaround. My brother mentioned that his hands feel better; the swelling is going down. He’s just different! It’s AWESOME!!! Read more..



I just came out of Dr. Fan’s office and he said that the baby’s growth is no longer lagging behind…think a week ago they said she had fallen behind by 2 weeks well the sonograms show that she has caught up. What is amazing about this he said was with her aminotic fluid production being so low it is medically unheard of… Read more..


S.T/Los Angeles, CA
Addiction to Drugs

It is almost 8 months later and I haven’t had any desire for drugs and sleep like a baby. I am totally clean. The other members of my band laugh and want to put you on a retainer year round to deal with all of us. Read more..


H.L./Beverly Hills, CA
Emotional Rebirth

When you came into my house I noted a smell of roses my favorite flower and your eyes had a light in them I had not seen ever in my life. No more is there the pressure in my head or the need for pills to keep my calm inside to deal with the concerns my profession demands. Read more..